Tim Layton Fine Art | A New Article by Bruce Barnbaum Explores The Question "Did It Look Like That?"

A New Article by Bruce Barnbaum Explores The Question "Did It Look Like That?"

April 08, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Iconic and legendary large format photographer Bruce Barnbaum wrote an important and thoughtful article in the April 2018 Edition of the Darkroom Underground Magazine about the most popular question a landscape photographer gets from people, "Did it look like that?".

Bruce Barnbaum is recognized as one of the world's finest landscape and architectural photographers, and for decades has been considered one of the best instructors in the field of photography.  

"Let’s explore why it seems to be asked of landscape photographs, and apparently only landscape photographs. Let’s further explore the range of reasonable responses to the question and the true relationship of landscape photographs to the question."

Bruce begins his inquiry by reviewing one of the most iconic landscape photographers in history, Moonrise, Hernandez, 1941 by Ansel Adams.  He walks you through the process and changes that Ansel made to his negative and versions of this print over the years to help illustrate and provide context to the central question in his article.  

Bruce shares several of his popular and inspiring photographs with readers and shares the backstory to help illustrate the concept of this compelling article.  

Read this innovative and thoughtful article in the April 2018 Edition of the Darkroom Underground Magazine.  

Bruce has authored several books, some of which have become classics. His early publication of The Art of Photography: An Approach to Personal Expression (first published in 1994 and going out of print in 2002) was updated, revamped, and newly released in late 2010. After having sold over 100,000 copies, it is now in its second edition. This book became an instant bestseller and is sure to remain a classic for years to come. I highly recommend this book to all photographers, whether you enjoy working in the darkroom or you want to get the most out of your latest digital gear.  

-Tim Layton

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