Tim Layton Fine Art | 4/21/18 - Darkroom Underground Analog Photography News Update

4/21/18 - Darkroom Underground Analog Photography News Update

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April 21, 2018 by Tim Layton

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In this news update today, I share 3 updates with you that feature large format photographers.  If you see some news that you think other analog photographers would enjoy, send me a note and let me know so that I can include it in a future update.  

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Jade Doskow's "Lost Utopias" Opened on April 20th at the Front Room Gallery in New York
Using long exposure photography techniques with her large-format 4x5 Arca-Swiss film camera, Doskow has created contrasting images of stillness, projected by the built environment, juxtaposing smears of motion attributed to people, transportation, and the natural environment. 

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Legendary film Photographer Christopher Burkett is in a Race Against Time to Finalize his Lasting Legacy

Large-format film photographer Christopher Burkett was born in 1951 and has been photographing since 1975. Today, he almost exclusively photographs using 8 x 10" color transparencies. However, the available materials with which Burkett can work is dwindling and production on his materials has stopped. Burkett is in a race against time.

Burkett considers the 8 x 10 format to offer the ultimate in image quality.

"I'm still figuring out how many of different images I want to print as kind of a legacy of my work. There are many times I'm printing images now in certain sizes and I know that's the last time I'm going to print those in that size." Burkett has a deeply emotional connection to his work and when the his supplies are depleted, he will end his photographic career.

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Art Cologne Opens with Modern Art Mix of Established, Emerging Galleries

Art Cologne, the world’s oldest international art galleries fair, opened this Thursday for its 52nd edition showcasing a mixture of 20th and 21st century art.  According to Germany’s prestigious Central Archive of the International Art Trade (ZADIK), Art Cologne has been highly influential “not only in terms of the significant developments in the history of the national and international art trade but also the history of art as a whole.”

Heavy-weight names such as film director Wim Wenders’ large format photography and sculptures by Eduardo Paolozzi, Alberto Giacometti, Duane Hanson’s startling and hyper realistic Window Washer (1984) or Chris Burden’s Sex Tower (1986), an erect gilded monument to the coital union, are also present at the fair.

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