Tim Layton Fine Art | Exploring a Possible New Multi-Media Book on Platinum Printmaking and Seeking Your Input

Exploring a Possible New Multi-Media Book on Platinum Printmaking and Seeking Your Input

February 01, 2018  •  2 Comments

I am considering writing a new multi-media book for publication next year, and I would like your input.

The publication would include a book in PDF format and HD videos that help illustrate the concepts and techniques in the text.

I intend to embrace the work of the greats from the 19th and 20th centuries and build on everything that we have learned from the masters to include William Willis, Irving Penn, Mike Ware, Dick Arentz, Patrick Alt, Dick Sullivan, and many others.

I don't want to duplicate their work because that wouldn't add any value.  I want to make a brand new practical publication of how to apply the information from an artists perspective.  If you know a little about platinum and palladium printing, then you know there are an avalanche of variables that have a direct impact on aesthetic qualities of the final prints.  

For example, I would consider making a print using the same negative and paper, but use three or four different developers and then review the impacts of those developers on the aesthetic qualities of the prints.  I could go even deeper and vary the temperature of each of these developers too.  

That sort of thing is horribly time-consuming and highly subjective, but very valuable to someone that is searching for variables to tell their story in a way that best suits them.  I suspect many photographers may never explore to this degree.  I have a hundred other ideas just like this that could be part of the publication.  

I posted a couple of things on my personal Facebook page and received some valuable feedback from several photographers.  

Based on that input, I have a working title of "The 21st Century Guide to Platinum Printing".  Should I use the word "Printmaking" vs. "Printing"?  That would make the title "The 21st Century Guide to Platinum Printmaking". I feel that is a little closer to the intent of the publication.  It really is all about making platinum prints and how to navigate through the vast number of choices one can make during the process.  

The original three titles were:
1 - The Platinum Printmaking Cookbook
2 - Platinum Printmakers Definitive Guide
3 - The Definitive Guide to Platinum Printmaking

Do you feel any of these working titles capture the essence of what I am trying to accomplish?  If so, which one?

Is there a new title that works even better? 

Do you feel this project would add value to platinum and palladium printmakers?  

Please share your thoughts and comments below, and I will keep everyone posted on all of this as I continue to explore this project. 

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Larry Huhn(non-registered)
Hi Tim, it sounds like a great project. Since it sounds like you are going to look at historical as well as modern techniques for p/p printing, how about something like “Platinum Palladium Printing, Yesterday and Today”.
Rolf Schmolling M.A.(non-registered)
Hi Tim what about „Platinum Printmaking for dummies“ but of course there is a franchise... no seriously this is a very good thing by itself. I am not current with available books and other learning material including video. But I believe it’s im not to loose the knowledge on how to do this at depth. I heard an Interview of a female LF photographer who started in the late 70ies with technique actually re-discovering how to do this. Cannot recall her name right now, she did Portraits including portraits of skulls which were in a museum.
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