An Easy Tip On How You Can Instantly Improve Your Photography

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Darkroom Underground Fine Art Print ClubDarkroom Underground Fine Art Print Club I have a very easy tip for you that will instantly improve your photography. 

As photographers, we are constantly in the mode of creating our own photographs that we sometimes forget to slow down and look at the work of other photographers.  When I say look, I mean to view and handle the prints in person, not look at a digital image of the print on a computer or mobile phone screen.  

Viewing and handling the work of other photographers that you admire and appreciate is one of the fastest ways to improve your own photography.  

I have a lot of photographers from around the world that follow my work, have taken my workshops and are also members of the print club.  I believe one of the reasons the print club is so valuable and successful is because I share all of the technical details as well as the creative journey for each print.  I even create customized videos for you where I share the specifics of each print as it is released.  Members have direct access to me to discuss any of the finest details of each print.  Thank about that for a moment.  You have direct access to an established photographer that shares every detail, technical and creative, with you about the print that you are holding in your hands.  I honestly can't think of a better way to instantly improve your own photography and bring something new and exciting into your life. 

In our digital society, it is easy to forget to actually make prints and produce something tangible.  The benefits of printing your own work and viewing the work of photographers that you respect is foundational to your long-term growth and success.  

One of the reasons I created the Darkroom Underground Magazine was to elevate the work of photographers from around the world and be a source of inspiration and also technical information that will improve your photography. We publish portfolios and articles from the best known analog photographers on the planet and we also seek out unknown photographers and provide a platform for getting their photographs published.  The Darkroom Underground is one of the best resources you have available to inspire as well as teach you how to improve your own photography. 

I actively collect silver gelatin and platinum prints from photographers all around the world.  Some are famous and some are unknown.  I can step outside of my own work and enjoy these fine prints and I also see things that I want to understand and know more about.  I also regularly visit art museums and universities when they host events featuring silver gelatin and platinum prints.  There is something magical about putting the camera down and actively engaging in the work of other photographers that helps us grow and mature. 

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