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Enrich Your Art Buying Experience

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Vintage Asian LiliesVintage Asian LiliesArtist original giclée prints available in standard sizes. Custom crops and aspect ratios are available upon request.

5x7 - $15
8x10 - $20
11x14 - $40
16x20 - $99

* Framing and matting not included.

* Shipping to USA only. All artwork is placed in an acid-free archival sleeve and carefully prepared for shipment to ensure safe arrival of your new artwork.

Your new artwork is trimmed to size and arrives ready to frame immediately. We standardized our artwork dimensions to common “off the shelf” frame sizes to help you get your new art installed in the fastest and least expensive way.

Viewing and purchasing art is a very personal experience.  

Art brings a lot of joy and evokes emotion in a way that is voluntary and non-utilitarian.  Art can transport us to a joyful or unique place and it can improve our days in an instant.  

Like the ability to read and write, the arts distinguish the human race from all other species on earth.  

I often think about the first time a human being saw and appreciated a flower for its beauty versus thinking about its purpose or as a food source.  There is something special inside all of us that wants to enrich and improve the spaces where we spend time.

I love the process of buying art and so I thought I would share some of the questions that I ask myself to help others. 

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Questions for Consideration:

  • Why do I like or enjoy the kinds of art that I am already buying or considering? 
  • Does the art represent something that is important to me?  
  • How do I fit into this artwork?  What is the connection between me and what the art represents? 
  • What about the art appeals to my senses? 
  • Do I like the artist, his/her work, and what they represent? 
  • When viewing the artwork, what does it represent to me? 
  • What is the art communicating to me? 
  • Does the art make me think about things that I enjoy or have never thought about before? 
  • Does the artwork inform or alter my perspective on some aspect of life? 
  • Do I admire the technical qualities and craftsmanship of the art? 

By asking yourself these and other similar questions, you can quickly narrow down the pieces of artwork that are important to you.  

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