Tim Layton Fine Art | New Video - Off Grid Darkroom Project Update 04/15/2016

New Video - Off Grid Darkroom Project Update 04/15/2016

April 16, 2016  •  4 Comments

I am just two or three weeks away from having my new darkroom up and running.  It is a special project because it is completely off the grid and in the middle of nature.  

It has been a lot of hard work, and now that I am getting close to the finish line, all of those hard days are in the rear view mirror.

My plan is to get my darkroom sink and water system up and running next.  I am getting a water holding tank and then using a self-priming pump to pull water from the tank to the wet side of the darkroom.  For hot water, I have a propane-based water heater that produces hot water on demand.  Both the cold and hot water will be filtered through my darkroom sink water management system.  This allows me to control the temperature of the water that I am using at any given time.  I will make a video of this solution once I get it implemented.   

I created this brief video below to share my progress and as soon as I get a few more things completed, I will post another video update.  Enjoy the video and if you have any questions, please let me know.


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Tim Layton Fine Art
Hi Peter, thanks for the comment and questions. My darkroom building is 14 feet x 40 feet. I have plenty of room to work and I even have a small office in the building too. As far as chemicals and the darkroom goes, there is a full line of eco-friendly black and white chemicals. I get all of mine from Freestyle.
Peter Dadson(non-registered)
Tim your new darkroom looks great. Since I too would like to build one I was interested in your size of building etc. Mine would be an interior "building" inside an existing 40x60 foot existing metal building. Unlike you I would be on the grid but I may have a similar problem when it comes to waste water/chemicals. What have you got planned?

Tim Layton Fine Art
Hi Ala, thanks for the comment and question. I built my new darkroom from scratch, meaning that I built the entire structure. I kept all of my equipment out of the area until I was finished with the construction process. I used a shop vacuum at the end to get all of the dust up before placing my equipment in the new space. Stay in touch.

Ala Jarvis(non-registered)
Very nice looking darkroom. As I am just in the (very slow) process of building my own darkroom I was wondering if you have any special tips for dealing with all the dust that is created building the wooden benches.
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