Is There a Link Between "Old Souls" and Incredible Photography?

February 18, 2016  •  2 Comments

Tim LaytonTim Layton A friend of mine sent me an article titled "The 6 Most Common Traits of Old Souls" and it got me to thinking.  In this article by Jeff Wilson, he defines ‘Old Souls’ as a special kind of being that their physical age doesn’t match their emotional or spiritual depth.   When I was younger, I was told that I was an old soul many times, now I am just old!  

Wilson says "you can recognize an old soul by their eyes", and I have to agree with Jeff.  Wilson lists the following traits regarding old souls: 

  • Fitting In May Be Difficult
  • You Crave Knowledge And Wisdom
  • You Tend To Not Get Along With Those Your Age
  • You Have No Problem Spending Time Alone
  • You’d Rather Spend Time In Nature Than Anywhere Else
  • You Find Meaning In Life

I found myself thinking about some select photographers of the past and I feel like many of these traits likely ring true to who they really were as human beings.  I think of Irving Penn, Julie Margaret Cameron, and Ansel Adams.  I suspect that some of these traits also help shape and define the creative aspects of a photographer as well.  I am curious to know what you think.  

So, do you think you are an old soul photographer?  


Tim Layton Fine Art
Bob, thank you so much for your thoughtful reply and comments! Very insightful and elegant. Thanks!!
Bob Younger(non-registered)
I would add the following characteristics of an old soul.
1. They understand and see the interconnectedness, the interdependency, the "interbeing" of all things. (I've borrowed "interbeing" from Thich Nhat Hanh.)
2. They see themselves as a part of something much bigger; as a part of everything.
3. They view each thing; each leaf, each twig, each flower, each..... as a work of art to which they are inseparably connected.
4. They see themselves as valuable to the universe through a lens of humility that recognizes they are only valuable as an integral element in something much larger. It is neither arrogance because they've made themselves valuable, nor some disabling humility based on shame.
5. And for those old souls who also happen to be photographers they always struggle and sometimes succeed in making a photograph that communicates, at least to them, how they see themselves in the world.
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