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How & Why I Modified My Large Format Darkroom Trays

I just went through an easy modification process on my 30x40 large format darkroom trays and I made a brief video to show you. If you are interested in making large prin...
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Dahlia Flower Tips From a Large Format Botanical Photographer

In this video, I share some of my tips of how I grow and care for my Dahlia flowers that I photograph and ultimately turn into my large format silver gelatin fine art pri...
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My DIY Large Format Darkroom Development Trays

I have been updating my darkroom over the last couple of months and I have been testing a variety of different methods for developing my large format black and white silv...
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How I Wash My 8x10 Large Format Negatives in My Off-Grid Darkroom

In this video, I share how I wash my 8x10 large format black and white negatives in my off-grid darkroom. In the comment section below, let me know how you are washing y...
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Introducing Summer Lillies - New Large Format B&W Silver Gelatin Fine Art Print

I am excited to announce my brand new limited edition large format black and white fine art print, "Summer Lillies". You can view this new print and all of my limited edi...
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How I Manage The "Bellows Sag" On My 8x10 Large Format View Camera

In this brief video, I share a simple method that I use to manage "bellows sag" with my large format cameras. This is an issue because the edges of the bellows can creep...
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Darkroom Diary: Managing Curling in Silver Gelatin Fiber Prints

My Darkroom Diary series are a monograph about the lessons that I have learned while making large scale black and white fine art silver gelatin prints in the darkroom. I...
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Jobo CPP-3 Unboxing Video (First One on YouTube)

I recently replaced my Jobo CPE-2 and CPP-2 Jobo Processors with the new CPP-3 model and I realized that I had never seen an unboxing video online. I thought other analo...
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Introducing Darkroom Dahlia - Large Format B&W Silver Gelatin Fine Art Print

It was a fantastic day in the darkroom. My son and I made this new print using our newly updated 8x10 enlarger. "Darkroom Dahlia" is a limited edition black and white si...
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Large Format B&W Dahlia Floral Still Life - Episode 1

In this episode, I take you behind the scenes with me outside of my darkroom while I photograph a freshly-bloomed Dahlia. I share my experience during the exposure and th...
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