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11-19-14_Jeffco-Tree-Winter15 3211-19-14_Jeffco-Tree-Winter15 32 Traditional black and white darkroom photography have always captured my soul and creative attention.  It 's hard for me to describe the impact accurately that a finely crafted black and white darkroom print makes on me.  One of the things that I do to keep me reaching higher is to schedule private showings at my local art museum.

Having the opportunity to view prints from legends like Irving Penn, Julia Margaret Cameron, Ansel Adams, Paul Strand, and others is a touching and moving experience for me.  I can't wrap my head around the talent of these photographers and then when I think about the time in which they created these prints, it is just mind boggling to me.  I always leave these viewings inspired and charged up to elevate my work to a higher level. 

I've written a number of articles and essays over the years that I hope you will appreciate and find useful.

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