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Black & White Negative Films

I have been making black and white fine art prints in the darkroom for over 30 years and I love it more today then when I first started.  You may want to join my free darkroom newsletter so you don't miss new articles and videos as I publish them. 

I created this page to share some of my favorite black and white negative films with you.  

I share my insights and thoughts about each of these films to hopefully help you as you are considering using them in your photography.  

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FP4 Plus from Ilford is a traditional medium-speed black and white negative film characterized by a fine grain structure with high acutance and sharpness, making it well-suited to both enlarging in the darkroom and scanning.

It has a nominal sensitivity of ISO 125 in standard chemistry but I rate mine at EI 100.  This film has a very wide exposure latitude that enables exposing up to two stops under or six stops over while retaining usable results. In addition to general photographic applications like landscapes, nature, still life, FP4 Plus is also an ideal choice for copy and internegative work, as well as scientific, technical, and industrial photography because of its acutance.  



  • Panchromatic B&W Negative Film
  • ISO 125 (I rate mine at EI 100)
  • Fine Grain, High Acutance and Sharpness
  • Very Wide Exposure Latitude
  • Ideal for Landscapes, Nature Photography, Still Life, Copy and Internegative Work


I use FP4+ in all three formats (35mm, 120, and large format sheet film).  Ilford FP4+ is my film of choice when I am making Platinum/Palladium prints because I can use Pyrocat HD with this film and get exceptional results. I print on Hahnemühle Platinum Rag paper in every size to include 8x10, 11x15, 20x2422x30 and 50 inch x 30 foot roll

When I need to make a digital negative for my Platinum/Palladium prints, I use Pictorico Pro Ultra Premium OHP Transparency Film in 8.5x11, 11x17, 13x1917x22, and on rolls (17" x 66', 24" x 66', 36" x 66' 42" x 66')

When I am not using Pyrocat HD for making Platinum negatives, I consider a range of developers for FP4+ to include: Kodak HC-110, Kodak XTOL, Kodak D-76, Ilford Ilfosol-3, Ilford ILFOTEC DD-X, Kodak T-Max Developer, Ilford ID-11, Ilford Perceptol, Ilford Microphen, Ilford Ilfotec HC, Formulary D-19,