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A new direction and way to holistically experience and participate in the creation of fine art like never before.

Using Facebook and Twitter, I removed the barriers of time and space by publishing real-time updates of my journey to friends around the globe. I want to encourage my followers to open a dialog with me so we can explore the natural world together. By including you in the creative process, starting in the field and culminating in the darkroom, you can comment and offer insights during every step of the process. I hope you will consider us as creative partners—ready to create something new and exciting. I have never been more excited about creating fine art and sharing my love of the natural world. -Tim Layton

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Lime Kiln Trail - 10/27/14

Lime Kiln Trail - 10/27/14

Creve Coeur Lake - 10/29/14

Franklin County Barn & Trees 10/30/14

Southeast Ozark Mountains - 11/7/14