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To create my ACEO Darkroom Silver Gelatin Art Cards, I first have to create film negatives in my large format view camera and develop them in my off grid darkroom.

I had to create special exposure masks because there are no ACEO size film holders for large format view cameras. To conform to the ACEO size requirements, the negative must be exactly 2.5" x 3.5".

After the film development process, I lay the negative on top of the darkroom paper and create a contact print from the negative. I have to work in the darkroom under safelight conditions.

After the exposure process, I develop and process my ACEO art cards to the exact same archival standards as I do for my full size fine art gallery prints.

If you have technical questions about any part of my creative process or you would just like to know more about these very special pieces of artwork, send me an email and introduce yourself and I would be delighted to schedule a time to talk with you directly.

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