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Tim Sr. and Tim Jr. at Hodgson Mill For Darkroom Underground Episode 1 08/28/2021Tim Sr. and Tim Jr. at Hodgson Mill For Darkroom Underground Episode 1 08/28/2021 Join Tim Jr. and me in the Ultra Large Format Photography Forum and become a Premium Member.

As a Premium Member, you gain access to all of the private forums along with the ability to post questions, ask for help, comment, and reply to other posts

You are also helping support and build this private and unique community and gaining access to a global community of peers that share your passion. 

In our digital world where just about every aspect of life has been automated and digitized, having a safe and private community for analog photography is increasingly rare and uncommon. 

For only $20/month, you have a private and secure community that will support you and encourage you to continue to pursue your passion.  You have the ability to ask for help on anything you are working on and subject matter experts are willing to share their knowledge and experience with you.  That is priceless if you ask me. 

Chamonix 16x20 Ultra Large Format View Camera - Tim Layton Fine ArtChamonix 16x20 Ultra Large Format View Camera - Tim Layton Fine Art I intentionally created this as a private community for a couple of key reasons. 

First, being able to have full control over our content and not be subject to the ever-changing rules of Facebook and other social media outlets is a huge advantage for all of us.  This is our community and we don't need big marketing-driven social media giants controlling what we say or do.  Also, they tightly control who can see what because they want even more money! 

Worse than that, all social media platforms capture your personal information, actions, and even your behaviors and sell you out to marketing companies that want this type of information. 

If you want to lose sleep tonight, go watch these videos by cyber privacy expert Rob Braxman. 

Haven't you ever wondered why Facebook, YouTube, and Google, are free?   They may not be charging you every month, but you are paying a high price with your personal information and identity, not to mention monitoring everything and every place you go. 

Topaz Mill - 09/11/2021Topaz Mill - 09/11/2021 When you sign up for their free accounts, you are authorizing them to track and monitor you 24x7x365 even when you are not actively using the applications. Their terms of service go unread by an estimated 99.9% of people and even if you did read them you wouldn't understand them unless you are a lawyer. 

The second important reason I made the new community private is to keep out the haters and trolls.

I look forward to connecting with you inside the community.  Let me know if you have any questions

-Tim Layton