Tim Layton Fine Art | Tiny House on Wheels

On this page, I share my adventures and information about my mobile darkroom and tiny house on wheels, which is my Sprinter van.  I started the process of building out my current Sprinter van in late 2014 and over time as I gain more experience, I implement updates and modifications.  I have some unique requirements as a large format nature and landscape photographer because I have to develop my film while on the road.  I have fine tuned my approach over time and I think in my next round of updates, I will have it where I really want it.  Also, it is critically important to get good rest, eat well, and enjoy your mobile tiny house or it won't be fun.  I continue to learn more about myself and my specific needs over time and then I implement the changes in my tiny house as well as my approach.  

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August 2016 Update Video

October 2016 Update Video