A Letter To My Collectors 

Tim Layton With Silver Gelatin Large Format PrintTim Layton With Silver Gelatin Large Format Print Welcome! I'm Tim Layton, a contemporary artist with a signature vintage style that celebrates the beauty of nature. 

Inspired by nature, I create artwork to bring joy to my world, and beauty to the walls of collectors worldwide. 

Nature has always been a way to help me make sense of the world.  When I discovered photography as a young teenager and realized that I could tell stories about nature through my photography, my life changed forever. 

With the help of my dad, I build my first darkroom at the age of 13.  I worked in that darkroom for over 35 years and then built a darkroom from the ground up with my son.  We went on to build a third darkroom together and as my apprentice, he is also mastering the craft and developing his own style.   

It is impossible for me to describe with words how nature and photography has enriched my life and brought me joy, peace, and the ability to help people.  I have made connections with people through my art that has changed my life.  

My earliest memories of life involve me turning to nature for inner peace and answers to difficult questions.

Through all the struggles as well as the triumphs, nature and flowers have always been a consistent friend.  

I continue to look at flowers with a sense of wonder and amazement, even after photographing and studying them for over four decades.  

After college and more life experience, I realized that I could tell stories through my photographs.  I knew that I was always connected to nature and especially flowers, I just didn't know why. 

After I learned about the Pictorialist's in the 19th century and how they fought to elevate photography to a fine art status, I realized their use of shape, tones, and abstract principles was the right medium for my stories.

People during the Victorian era used flowers to communicate and express how they felt about their loved ones and everyone around them.  The people of this era defined what we take for granted today. 

By combining what I learned about Pictorialism with the meaning of flowers from the Victorian era, I ultimately defined my unique style that you see carry through like a ribbon in all of my artwork.     

My unique style took shape and I was able to transcend the beauty of nature and life into small glimpses and stories that people hold on to forever. 

Life is fragile and knowing that my artwork can make a positive impact and help remind people about the things they value the most in this world is what fuels me to keep creating and moving forward.    

Art has become how I breath and navigate life.  

I have experienced great loss in my life, but I am still here and moving forward because I have purpose. My life's highest purpose is to create the type of beauty and awe that I feel when I look at flowers and transcend these feelings and emotions into handmade art for collectors around the world.  My art isn't complete until someone hangs it on their wall.  

When you look at my artwork, you will see the visual evolution of my life and the many journeys that I have taken.  Because I have this magical connection with nature and flowers, joy naturally pours out of my soul and is translated into original artwork. 

My artwork on your walls serves as a reminder of the things that you love and value most in your life.  

Thank you for visiting and supporting my dream to create for you.  

-Tim Layton

Free Darkroom Diary by Tim LaytonFree Darkroom Diary by Tim Layton