Wild Horses of Missouri FAQ

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Hi, I created the frequently asked questions page to help provide answers to the most frequently asked questions that I receive.  If you have a question that is not listed on the page, contact me and I am happy to help and also update the page to help others.  

Free Wild Horse Journal by Tim LaytonFree Wild Horse Journal by Tim Layton

Can anyone visit the Wild Horses of Shannon County, Missouri?

Yes, anyone can visit and view the wild horses.  There are no rules or regulations other than you are not allowed to get closer than 50 ft. or feed them.  If you do either of these things and a park ranger see's you, you will receive a ticket from a federal law enforcement officer and will be required to pay a hefty fine.  

How can I help protect the horses and make a difference?

It is easier than you think, and in most cases, it won't cost you a dime.

By simply sharing my wild horse photos and videos, you are helping create awareness.  Awareness is very important because we know that people protect what they love.  If people don't know about wild horses, then it is impossible to help protect them.  You can share my blog posts, newsletter, and posts on Facebook as a great way to help the wild horses and be part of the solution. It really is that simple.  

If you want to do more and purchase one of my wild horse fine art prints, that would be wonderful.  I donate a percentage of every sale to non-profit wild horse organizations to help fund the work that I list below and by having wild horse artwork in your home, you will influence everyone around you.  

My work includes the following:

- Raising public awareness for wild horses

- Lobbying for change to the wild horse policy and laws

- Helping support rescue for wild horses in need

- Support Legal action against the Bureau of Land Management and other entities that negative impact wild horses

- Create advocacy and action alerts

- Continue work in the field, documenting wild horses

Is there a fee to see the horses?

No, it is absolutely free.  The only thing that is asked is that you don't liter and follow the laws (don't get closer than 50 ft. and don't feed them)

Can I camp in the area?

Absolutely.  Shannon County has some of the most beautiful camping opportunities that you will find anywhere in the country. 

Where can I stay when visiting the horses?

If camping is not your thing, Echo Bluff State Park has luxurious accommodations that are sure to satisfy anyone.  They also have a restaurant that makes delicious food too. 

Can I pet, touch, or feed the horses?

No, and it is against the law.  

Is there a map to find the wild horses?

I have a detailed guide here on the website that you can use to find all of the bands of wild horses.  

Do I need a 4x4 Vehicle? 

Not for most situations.  If you are interested in trying to find the Rocky Creek herd, then you will frequently need a 4x4 vehicle because the roads and creeks can be too much for regular vehicles. 

Do mobile phones work in the area? 

It is hit or miss.  I would not count on having mobile service in general, and consider it a bonus when you do.  Plan accordingly. 

What should I wear when visiting?

While there are no hard rules on this, consider the season (winter, spring, summer, fall) and know that you are oftentimes walking through very tall grass and wading through creeks.  Plan accordingly.

Can I bring dogs?

Technically you can bring a dog, but it is highly discouraged because dogs spook the horses. If you must bring your dog, please keep them on a leash or bring a lead along with some food and water and secure them by your vehicle.  

Free Wild Horse Journal by Tim LaytonFree Wild Horse Journal by Tim Layton