Do You Love Analog Photography? 

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The Darkroom Underground Community is a place for everyone - no matter what your current skill or knowledge level may be at this time. 

I built this community because of my personal love and passion for analog photography. 

I wanted a place where we could share our knowledge, help each other when we are having technical or creative issues, and inspire each other to keep creating and growing.

The Darkroom Underground Community is a place to learn, grow, share, help, and enjoy your passion and love of analog photography

If you are still learning and evolving your technical skills, you will deeply benefit from this community. 

If you are a seasoned pro, you have a community that is hungry to benefit from your knowledge and experience.  You are valued, respected, and appreciated in this community.  I also believe no one can know everything and even though I have been focused on many aspects of analog photography for over 35 years, I know that I can always learn something new and be inspired by others.    

If you want to be surrounded by people that share your passion, this community is for you. Having a place to call our own and spend time with like-minded photographers from around the world is a unique and fulfilling experience.

If you want to be inspired to keep creating and push yourself to a new level, the Darkroom Underground community is a great place for you.

For only $20 per month, you will receive all of the benefits of this one of a kind global community of analog photographers that will help you grow your technical and creative skills, share your best work and get compassionate and clear feedback on possible improvements, participate in the artist exchange, connect with Tim and the entire community via live video broadcasts every month and participate in an annual meetup to meet your peers and new friends in person. 



Virtual Gallery Shows Over Live Video With Q&A

Unlimited Access to All Technical and Creative Training

Monthly Live Video Meetings With Tim & The DU Community

Access To The Entire Darkroom Underground Magazine Archive

Artist Exchange To Share and Collect New Artwork From Your Peers

Belong and Participate in a Community of Your Peers That Shares Your Passion

Annual Meetup To Meet Tim in Person & Spend Time Together Working & Creating


Tim Layton With Silver Gelatin Large Format PrintTim Layton With Silver Gelatin Large Format Print My personal goals for the community include sharing everything that I know technically and creatively with everyone in the community, but also help you succeed and be fulfilled as a creative person.   

I want to remove all of the barriers that hinder you from doing your best work. 

Sometimes that can be a technical issue and other times it can be a creative issue. Even when you have all of the technical issues under control and you are creating your best work, you need a platform to share your work so others can appreciate it too. 

The Darkroom Underground Community provides you with all of the technical, creative, and social aspects of analog photography so you can reach your full potential and also experience the joy and fulfillment of other people appreciating you and your work. 

By coming together as a community and helping each other learn, grow, and evolve, we will each benefit and be stronger and better than if you continued to be isolated and worked alone.

I have been teaching analog photography methods and techniques for a long time and I have learned a great deal from my students.  I continue to teach and share my knowledge and experience because it helps me grow and continue to learn.  As an added benefit, knowing that I can make a difference in peoples lives keeps me moving forward and hungry to continue. 

I am excited for you to be part of the Darkroom Underground Community and I can't wait to welcome you.