In this unique video workshop, Tim Layton teaches you how to make a vintage silver gelatin emulsion from raw materials and make hand poured dry plates. 

If you like the idea of making your own emulsion and hand coating plates, then this is the perfect quick start guide for you. 

Tim also includes step-by-step videos to help you visualize each step of the process.  The detailed guidebook is an excellent resource and the videos help bring everything to life. 

Dry plates offer a unique opportunity to create unique artwork that has incredible detail and virtually no grain while still providing that cool vintage look and feel.

If you decide to use a vintage camera, or a 19th century lens, then you can really take your artwork to another level. 

In this quick start guide, Tim builds on the skills learned from the DIY Paper Negative Quick Start Guide.

If you have ever wanted to make your own silver gelatin emulsion at home and create artwork with that vintage feel, then you are in the right place. 

Analog Photography Learning Library by Tim LaytonAnalog Photography Learning Library by Tim Layton

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This is a perfect opportunity for large and ultra large format photographers to not only reduce the expense of commercial sheet film, but also create new images that are simply not possible with modern day panchromatic films. 

Tim has simplified the intimidating process of making handmade silver gelatin emulsions so you can focus on your creative vision.  Between the detailed guidebook and the helpful videos, you have everything you need to start making handmade silver gelatin dry plates.

You can download everything immediately and a backup is always stored for you in your library in the event you lose or delete the information. 

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DIY Handmade Dry Plate Analog Photography by Tim LaytonDIY Handmade Dry Plate Analog Photography by Tim Layton With over 30 years of experience, Tim can save you a lot of time and help you from making unnecessary mistakes.

The process isn't difficult, but if you don't know the correct methods, or leave out important elements, it can be unnecessarily frustrating. 

One of the benefits of creating handmade emulsions is that you can change and modify the formula to meet your individual creative vision. 

You are not stuck with the characteristics of a commercially product product.  By making your own dry plates, you are creating something unique and meaningful.  

[GET IMMEDIATE ACCESS] to all of the course materials. I have included everything you need to know to expose and develop black and white film and make handmade darkroom prints in the darkroom in this comprehensive video workshop.