Arte Astratta Botanica Collection
Handmade Silver Gelatin Botanical Abstract Art

Come See The Beauty Of The World Through My Eyes

Transforming The Commonplace Into The Unforgettable

Fine art handmade silver gelatin botanical abstracts by American Pictorialist Tim Layton brings joy, beauty, and new meaning to any space. 

Can you decipher the hidden meaning and symbolism behind each piece of art in this collection?

The artwork is handmade by Tim Layton in his studio and darkroom and no part of his creative workflow is outsourced. 

When you receive your new artwork, you know it was handmade by Tim Layton Sr. and his son, Tim Jr., using the finest museum quality materials. 

Combining inspiration from nature with 19th century symbolism, Tim Layton creates artist original handmade silver gelatin fine art prints that transcend time and reveal the unseen. 

Just like impressionistic painters of the 19th century, Tim Layton's Arte Astratta Botanica is inspired by the mystery and beauty of nature. 

His artistic and symbolic use of form, shapes, light, shadows, and tonal values work together to tell stories that bring beauty and new meaning to any space in your home or office. 

"When you see one of my Arte Astratta Botanica collectible gallery prints, I want you to feel like you are viewing an impressionist painting that was made in the 19th century." -Tim Layton

Each piece of artwork in the Arte Astratta Botanica collection has a deeper meaning than meets the eye at first glance. 

Can you decipher the story behind each piece of art?


Pulling from the meaning of botanical subjects established in the Victorian era, I carefully plan and sculpt every aspect of my artwork, just like the original painters of the 19th century. 

I use shapes, shadows, lines, and tonal values along with a thoughtful composition to tell important stories. 

Just like Impressionist painters I choose my tools and materials wisely.  Every step of my handmade workflow keeps me closely connected to my artwork. 

In spite of its enormous size, weight, and high expenses associated with using an ultra large format photography, I acquired a new 14x17 ultra large format view camera and handmade Pictorial signature soft focus lens for this collection because I wanted to create the ultimate botanical artwork for discerning art buyers and collectors.

I will use these exact same tools for the rest of my life and then my son will do the same.  While contemporary photographers continue to chase the newest and latest gear, we continue to hone our skills and deepen our relationship with our tools.

It is my sincere hope that you enjoy this collection and I can bring joy and new meaning to your home or office.   



No other visual art can match the richness, depth, and definition of silver gelatin prints.  

This is why the most discerning art buyers and collectors continue to value handmade silver gelatin fine art photographs, just as they have the last 140 years. 

When you see a handmade silver gelatin print hung on the wall that is properly lit, the entire world becomes quiet around you. 

The clarity, depth, detail, and tonal values all work together to silence the world around you and reveal a deeper meaning to you.  

My pure analog film-based darkroom methods are unique in our digital world today and my workflow allows me to create gallery-quality artwork that is unparalleled by modern digital techniques.

I don't outsource any part of my process, so when you receive a silver gelatin artwork from me, you know that my hands were directly involved in every step of the process.

When viewing my black and white silver gelatin photographs, something magical happens that is unexpected. Your mind engages in a way that isn’t possible if the images were in color and you become part of the image with me. We go on a journey together and we become co-creators.


8x10 large format negative by Tim Layton8x10 large format negative by Tim Layton Tim Layton's handmade silver gelatin black and white fine art photographs are created from large format analog film negatives, like the one you see to the left.

Tim follows a museum quality archival workflow that ensures art buyers and collectors will be able to enjoy their artwork for their entire life. 

Review Tim's Silver Gelatin Fine Art Print Care Guide to learn how to protect your investment.

Tim specializes in making very large 40" x 60" silver gelatin fine art gallery quality prints for collectors around the world, but he also offers smaller 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, and 20x24 size to make the artwork accessible to new art buyers.


"I provide people a unique experience where you, I, and the subjects are brought together to share a unique experience.  I do this in a way that simply isn't possible in real life." 

When viewing my very large prints, your eyes move around the scene or subject in a way and at a pace that is surreal.

In order to better understand this experience, follow me in this exercise. 

Extend your right arm as far as you can in front of you.  Elevate your arm about chest height and then position your hand so you are looking at the back of your hand and then spread your fingers apart.  

Tim Layton With Silver Gelatin Large Format PrintTim Layton With Silver Gelatin Large Format Print Now, look very closed at your thumb.

Notice how you can see every detail in your thumb, but your other fingers are not in sharp focus? 

Now shift your focus to your index finger. 

Notice how your thumb and other fingers are now not in sharp focus, but your index finger is sharp and clear?

You can shift your focus to any of your other fingers and the same phenomenon continues. 

This simple exercises illustrates how your eyes move through one of my very large silver gelatin prints.

It is impossible to have this experience looking at small digital images on a computer or phone.  You need to be in front of the large prints.

I purposely create black and white images because by removing color, your mind processing my subjects in a way that is unique and impossible if the prints were in color.