Tim Layton Fine Art | 8x10 Large Format Lens Reference

8x10 Large Format Lens Reference Table

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Maker Model FL IC Max
Excess % Weight
Nikon Nikkor SW 120mm 312 f/8 f/64 0% 610g 1.34lb 77mm
Nikon Nikkor SW 150mm 400 f/8 f/64 22% 1050g 2.31lb 95mm
Schneider Super-Symmar XL 150mm 386 f/5.6 f/64 19% 740g 1.63lb 95mm
Rodenstock Grandagon N 155mm 382 f/6.8 f/45 18% 1460g 3.22lb 105mm
Schneider Super-Angulon 165mm 295 f/8 f/64 20% 1605g 3.54lb 110mm

If I don't have a lens listed in the table that you think should be listed, contact me with the information and I will verify it and add it.