Tim Layton Fine Art | Lime Kiln Trail - 10/27/14
I hiked the Lime Kiln trail at Rockwoods Reservation with my 8x10 large format camera and 4 sheets of Ilford FP4+ black and white sheet film. I had a beautiful morning to hike and explore the area. You can follow along and share in my journey by visiting each of the sections below starting with the introduction and culminating with the making of some hand made fine art darkroom prints.

The reservation was established in 1938. The area includes about 1880 acres of rich and diverse plant and animal life, as well as springs, caves, and rock formations. Cool, moist, north facing ravines and lush creek bottoms contrast with the nearby arid, rocky ridge tops, and south slopes. The terrain is reminiscent of the Ozark hills and, indeed, many plants and animals found in hill country are also found here.

Rockwoods Reservation has a fascinating cultural history dating back to the late 1700s, when trappers passed through the valley on their way to sell furs in the new settlement of St. Louis.

1 - Field Videos

2 - Hiking Snapshots

2 - Hiking Snapshots

3 - Darkroom Work

4 - Fine Art Prints