I hope you enjoy some of my candid photos and short videos from the field and during my analog darkroom photography creative processes.

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Step 6 - The developed platinum print in the first clearing bath for archival processing.Step 5 - Getting ready to develop the Tiger Lily Platinum Print.Step 4 - Finished exposing the Tiger Lily platinum print.Step 3 - mounted the negative on top of the sensitized paper for exposure.Step 2 - Hand coated the platinum sensitizer.Step 1 - Setting up the Hahnemühle Platinum Rag fine art paper to make the print.Step 6 - Freshly developed platinum print of the black bear cub from the Great Smoky Mountains.Step 5 - Exposed platinum print of the black bear cub ready in the development tray.Step 4 - The negative and paper were exposed and ready to develop the platinum print.Step 3 - Mounted the negative and dried platinum sensitizer of the black bear cub Platinum print.Step 2 - Hand brushed the platinum sensitizer on the paper for the black bear cub Platinum print.Step 1 - Setting Up the Hahnemühle Platinum Rag paper For coating the black bear cub Platinum printPhotographing Wild Elk in the Ozark Mountains (Boxley Valley)