Module 2 - The Negative - Large Format Photography Video Workshop Series

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Because I developed this video workshop for an international audience, I wanted to demonstrate the concepts in the class with films, developers, and papers that are likely available to almost everyone.  For that reason, I will be demonstrating the methods and techniques in this course with Ilford FP4+ B/W film, Kodak Ektar C-41 color negative film, Fuji Provia 100F E-6 positive color film and develop with Kodak D-76, Rodinal, and Pyrocat HD.  For the darkroom printing, I will be printing on Ilford Multigrade MG-IV RC paper and developing in Dektol.  

  • Welcome and Introduction To Module 2
  • Review and Discussion of Film Holders For Large Format Sheet Film
  • Metering Strategies For B&W, Color Negative, E-6 Color Positive Films (incident, spot)
  • B&W Film Developing Options & Tips For All 3 Types of Film (daylight tanks, trays, drums, tubes)
  • B&W Film Development Time (length of time is determined based on scene/subject dynamic range)
  • Standard B&W Developers Reviewed (D-76, Rodinal, XTOL)
  • B&W Film Development Methods & Agitation Overview (Daylight Tanks vs. Trays vs. Tubes)
  • B&W Film Testing For Personal Exposure Index (EI) Using a Visual Method (no densitometer required)
  • Testing B&W Film For Normal (N), Contracted (N-) and Expanded (N+) Development Times
  • C-41 and E-6 Color Film Development in a Jobo
  • Index Cards For Developed Film (PDF)
  • Overview of The Zone System and Why It Matters

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