Tim creates a peaceful and uplifting experience in the midst of a world in constant motion.  His traditional fine art analog darkroom photography represents the highest standard in the fine art community and his love of nature is brought to life through his artwork.  

Tim is a traditional film photographer specializing in making handcrafted artist original fine art prints using traditional methods in the darkroom.  Tim's creative process is completely devoid of modern technology, using just the raw materials that include film, light, paper, and darkroom chemicals.  The modern technology-centric world is hungry for anything hand made and Tim's artwork is a great example of the traditional artisan process before computers began dominating every area of modern life.  The quality of his work is evident the moment you view it.  

Tim's nature-themed fine art will transport you to some of the most beautiful places in the world as he shares his love of nature though his artwork.  Tim's floral themed artwork is collected on an international level. Tim is a certified master naturalist and he earned bachelor and master degrees as well.  Connect with Tim on his YouTube Channel where you can share in his outdoor nature adventures and subscribe to his newsletter, so you never miss an update in the future.  

Tim is the founder and editor of The Darkroom Underground Magazine where analog photographers and art collectors from around the world come together to share in their love of the visual arts.  Tim has helped photographers from around the world pursue their creative dreams by teaching them how to realize their creative vision through using film as a medium and working in the darkroom to create handmade prints.