I am driven to create art.  It is my true purpose and passion in life. I am at my absolute best when I am creating.  

Darkroom-based fine art print printing (e.g., Pure Platinum Prints; Silver Gelatin Fiber Prints; Platinum Over Silver Gelatin; Bromoil; Gumoil) when coupled with analog substrates (e.g., black and white panchromatic film; orthochromatic silver gelatin dry plates; paper negatives; X-Ray film) provides a compelling lane for me to express my creative vision in the modern digitized world.   

I aspire to convey feelings and experiences, not document a subject from a photojournalism sense.  At this point in photography, the world is replete with good photographers and especially in the age of all things digital.  

My photography is about my deep love for nature.  I use my passion for nature to raise awareness and shine the light on important matters involving the world's finite natural resources.  The natural world and humanities survival are linked together, independent of the marketing messages from the media.  

It has taken me over thirty years of exploring and working with various processes and tools to fully realize my potential.  I have been diligently working throughout the year in 2016 creating decisive plans and a work environment so that I can start producing the artwork that reflects my passion in 2017 and beyond.  It has been a thirty-year journey to get to this place, and I am excited to see what the next period brings.


-Tim Layton