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The focus of The Darkroom Underground publication is rooted in art, imagination, and brought to life through the creative souls that share their most personal thoughts and experiences.  

Photography has evolved over the last 175 years to a place that the 19th and 20th-century photographers could have never imagined.  In spite of the proliferation of technology and digitalization of just about every area of modern life, people still have a strong desire to create handmade artwork in the darkroom.  Photographers that have only used digital gear are discovering the joys and mysteries of darkroom photography.  

The Darkroom Underground publishes a balance of technical and creative articles in every issue along with featured photographers and their portfolios. 

We are pleased to offer editorial from internationally recognized photographers and writers and also publish articles and portfolios from our readers. 

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Distributed in PDF format for maximum portability, The Darkroom Underground caters to photographers of all skill levels.

Many darkroom photographers today capture on film, and either uses a blended analog/digital approach for the rest of their workflow or just digital exclusively after capture.  Digital photographers that didn't grow up with film are discovering the joy of creating a digital negative and making handmade alternative prints.  With all of these options, technical and creative options are effectively unlimited for contemporary photographers.  

Whether you are a traditionalist like myself that employs the analog process in every step of my fine art printmaking or a hybrid photographer, The Darkroom Underground publishes a balance of technical and creative articles in every issue along with featured photographers and some of their best artwork. 

We include technical articles for every format (e.g., 35mm, 120 medium format, large format, ultra-large-format) in addition to a wide range of print types to include classic silver gelatin darkroom prints, RA-4 color prints, and a variety of alternative mediums such as platinum/palladium printmaking, wet plate collodion, and many others.  We balance the technical articles with creative essays and full page photographs from featured photographers.  

At a time when we are all bombarded by digital in just about every area of our life, a publication dedicated to analog darkroom photography and its artists is resonating with photographers from around the world.  

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