Thanks for stopping by!  This page is dedicated to my In-Focus University video-based photography lectures, lessons, and courses.  I am deeply passionate about traditional photography and I love to help other photographers realize their goals.  My first love is large format photography and that also extends into medium and small formats that use film too.  

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I am in the process of creating and producing high-value video courses for photographers of all skill levels and knowledge. There is no need to incur expensive travel and lodging fees, plus the cost of a workshop because my videos will make you feel like we are working one on one together.  The best part is that every student gets lifetime access to each course and has the ability to ask questions for free!  The ability to get thoughtful replies to your questions is worth the price of each course by itself.  Plus, since I am building a community, your peers in each course will add value by answering questions and sharing their knowledge too.  

Courses Under Development

Beginner Level Courses​​

  • Beginners guide to black-and-white film photography
  • How to develop black and white film at home
  • Beginners guide to color slide film photography
  • The art of composition in photography

Intermediate Level Courses

Advanced Level Courses

  • The secret to large format black-and-white positive print-making
  • Exploring lith printing in the darkroom
  • Getting started with Large format historic POP printing methods - Salt, Van Dyke, Ziatype 
  • Introduction to Wet Plate Collodion 
  • Creating RA-4 color enlargements in the darkroom


Once the courses have enough photographers, I am planning to hold a free annual "All Things Photography" event at an incredible destination like Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, and so on.  I want the chance to us to share in our passion at one of these epic locations.  

My goal is to provide so much value in each course that you will be asking yourself "how can Tim deliver so much value for this fee?".  The answer to that question is a two-fold.  First, I am building courses that will stand the test of time and not dependent on the latest gadget or software revision.  I want to create courses in a community format that people come back to over and over again.  As you continue to improve and grow, I want you to be able to come back to each course community and share with your peers and also be able to refresh yourself in certain areas.  Second, I am confident that my courses will be embraced by a lot of people and so I am offering my courses at a mass quantity discount to everyone, right out of the gate.  

I want to share the things that really matter in photography and within each discipline and medium.  I hope to inspire photographers at every skill level to create photographs that they have in their mind.