The Darkroom Underground Magazine is dedicated to elevating and sharing the portfolios of modern darkroom photographers along with a balance of technical and creative articles from a wide range of experts and esteemed advisory board.  We are very proud to continue the tradition of classic analog photography in the 21st-century technology-centric world.  

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April 2018 - First Anniversary Edition - Vol 2. No. 2

The April 2018 edition of the Darkroom Underground Magazine marks our first year of publication!  It has been an amazing year and we are excited to share this special edition with you.  

We have some spectacular analog photographs to share with you in this edition along with several articles that are technical, inspirational, and sure to get your creative engine running.  Articles and portfolios from Tim Layton, Alex Burke, Bruce Barnbaum, Jon Paul, Quinn Jacobson, Paul Wainwright, Tim Klein, and Steve Schanzer.  [More info on the April edition web page]

January 2018 - Vol 2. No. 1

The January 2018 edition is an amazing collaboration including traditional film and large format photographers from around the world.  We have thoughtful and inspiring portfolios from photographers around the world that will get your creative juices flowing.  The articles in this edition are helpful and insightful from practitioners with many years of experience.  

Articles and portfolios from Tim Layton, Aaron Ibey, Alex Burke, Bruce Barnbaum, Donnie Johnston, Frank Baudino, Fred Newman, Gary Brewer, Gary Samson, Jon Paul, Ole Jauch, Paul Wainwright, and Todd Connaghan. [More info on the January edition web page]

October 2017 - Vol 1. No. 2

The October 2017 edition features in-depth technical articles from analog photography experts to include: Tim Layton, Bruce Barnbaum, Tim Parkin, Fred Newman, and Paul Wainwright. The articles in this edition will provide insightful information for you and help reveal information to you that you may have been wondering about for years. 

We also have compelling portfolios in the edition from Quinn Jacobson, Jon Paul, Tim Layton, Alex Burke, Joshua Watson, and Rey Castaneda.  [More info on the October edition web page]

July 2017 - First Edition - Vol 1. No. 1

The July 2017 edition is our first release of the publication.  

We have featured articles and portfolio images from darkroom photography legends Bruce Barnbaum, Tim Rudman, Quinn Jacobson, Steve Anchell, Tim Layton, and others!

In this edition you can finally get a hold on your large format film testing with a brand three-part series of articles from Paul Wainwright.  [More info on the July edition web page


"Tim, Congratulations!. Although my standards are quite high. I must say that you have exceeded them with your first edition."  Jim Boice

"Wow! Wonderful effort. What a great collection of articles and contributors. I think you’ve made it difficult to top yourself next time." Donald Stark 

"Congratulations on your accomplishment!  You, the other authors, and team members now have something to celebrate.  I'm flying from Vermont to Seattle soon, so "Vol 1, No 1" is on the top of my reading list on my iPad - I'm forcing myself to wait..." Phil Gingrow

"Tim, very well done!  I am honored to be part of this."  Jon Paul 

"Received the Darkroom Underground Magazine.  Outstanding!  The articles and images are really beautifully done.  I can appreciate the effort you put into making it so beautiful. Thanks.  Looking forward to future editions." Frank Baudino