In the January 2018 Edition of Darkroom Underground, we have an amazing group of talented photographers from around the world that share inspiring images from their portfolios and interesting articles on creative and technical subjects.  Enjoy 113 pages of this edition that is jammed pack full of art, inspiration, and information that will make you proud to be a photographer.  

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Tim Layton - Article & Portfolio: Platinum & Palladium Printmaking With Digital Negatives 

Aaron Ibey - Article & Portfolio: Photographing the Appalachian Trail (2,200 miles over 6 1/2 months)

Alex Burke - Article: Silence of the Wild and Winter Landscapes Portfolio Using Large Format Color Film

Bruce Barnbaum - Article: Working Towards Expressive Photography and Large Format B&W Landscapes

Donnie Johnston - Portfolio: Large Format B&W Urban Photography of Detroit, Michigan 

Frank Baudino - Portfolio: Fine Art Platinum Figure Studies & Still Life 

Fred Newman - Article: Beyond The Zone System - Part 2

Gary Brewer - Portfolio: Black & White Photography Using HP5 Film & Eco-Friendly D76

Gary Samson - Article: Unburdened Beauty and B&W Nude Portraits 

Jon Paul - Article: Blending Film Photography & Scanning The Digital Darkroom

Ole Jauch - Portfolio: Paper Negative Portfolio With 1902 Century No. 2 5x7 Large Format View Camera 

Paul Wainwright - Article: A Visual Approach To Film Speed & Development Time Testing Part 3 of 3

Todd Connaghan - Portfolio: Exploring The Canadian Rockies with 4x5 Large Format 

Photo Contest Winner Announced For Winter Landscape 

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What Are Photographers Saying About The Magazine? 

"Congratulations on your accomplishment!  You, the other authors, and team members now have something to celebrate.  I'm flying from Vermont to Seattle soon, so "Vol 1, No 1" is on the top of my reading list on my iPad - I'm forcing myself to wait..." Phil Gingrow

"Wow! Wonderful effort. What a great collection of articles and contributors. I think you’ve made it difficult to top yourself next time." Donald Stark 

"Tim, Congratulations!. Although my standards are quite high. I must say that you have exceeded them with your first edition."  Jim Boice

"Tim, very well done!  I am honored to be part of this."  Jon Paul 

"Received the Darkroom Underground Magazine.  Outstanding!  The articles and images are really beautifully done.  I can appreciate the effort you put into making it so beautiful. Thanks.  Looking forward to future editions." Frank Baudino

"Congratulations on an excellent first issue of Darkroom Underground Magazine Tim - all 82 pages of it.  I am very pleased to have been part of it. It addresses a wide range of interests aimed at different levels, and I thoroughly enjoyed it." Tim Rudman 

"Hi Tim, I just subscribed to the Darkroom Underground and it is really helpful already (read the article about how to test film with a step wedge and figured out where I always failed miserably) This magazine is a Godsend for photographers. I mean it. This will improve how I photograph.” Marc Lemaire