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How To Make a Large Format Contact Print with a Paper Negative Using the Split-Grade Method

May 08, 2018 - In this video, I show how to make a split grade silver gelatin contact print in the darkroom using grade 2 RC glossy dar...
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January 2018 - Paper Negatives Month at Darkroom Underground

December 08, 2017 - In 2018, I thought it would be fun to get the darkroom and large format community involved in sharing our passion and lo...
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Video Workshop - Exploring Paper Negatives for Large Format and Darkroom Photographers

November 30, 2016 - EXPLORING PAPER NEGATIVES FOR LARGE FORMAT PHOTOGRAPHERS Get immediate access to the full video workshop right now. Y...
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Understanding Color Spectrum for Silver Gelatin Emulsion Makers

December 22, 2015 - Understanding the color spectrum and how it relates to silver gelatin emulsion formulas is an important part of photoche...
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The Large Format Paper Negative Conundrum

December 20, 2015 - As I invest more time exploring the possibility of using paper with a hand-made silver gelatin emulsion recipe, I am sta...
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Adox Baryta Paper Initial Response to Silver Gelatin Emulsion Testing

December 17, 2015 - I am continuing to test the Adox Baryta paper for its response and behavior to coating it with silver gelatin emulsion....
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Initial Test of Adox Baryta Paper for Coating with Silver Gelatin Emulsion

December 17, 2015 - In this video, I perform a simple test on the Adox Fine Art Baryta paper to see how it will respond to being coated with...
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Getting Closer to Making some Chloride Bromide (ClBr) Emulsion for Large Format Paper Negatives

December 09, 2015 - I am having a blast working through the process of finding a suitable paper substrate for some hand made paper negatives...
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