Large Format B&W Dahlia Floral Still Life - Episode 1

July 13, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

In this episode, I take you behind the scenes with me outside of my darkroom while I photograph a freshly-bloomed Dahlia.  I share my experience during the exposure and then I develop the film in the darkroom.  

In the next video, I am going to start the process of making a 30x40 print from this negative.  I will make some small 8x10 test prints from the center of the Dahlia to make sure I want to proceed with the larger print.  You can follow along with me on my YouTube channel.  

I planted several Dahlias outside of my darkroom because I love to photograph these flowers.  I also grow my own flowers in my greenhouse and on my land in the Ozark's. 

I used my Nikkor 240mm F5.6 lens for this 1:1 macro composition which required a bellows draw of twice the focal length.  I used a front tilt to get the entire flower sharp.  I cover all of these types of details and much more in my comprehensive Large Format B&W Still Life Video Workshop.  You get immediate access to 17 HD videos and a 68-page workbook.  

I exposed two sheets of Ilford FP4+ and I used Pyrocat HD as my developer in my Jobo CPP-2. In the next video, I am going to make a contact proof sheet and determine if I want to print this big or not.  The negatives looked pretty good when I hung them to dry, but I will have to see how I feel about them once they are dry and I can inspect them more closely.  

I share all of the technical details (film speed EI rating, development time/method for Pyrocat HD, and more) via my Free Darkroom Newsletter.  I hope you enjoy the video and be sure to share your comments below this article.  

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