New Home Decor Giclée Botanical Art Collection by Tim Layton

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Tulip - Red, 5x7 or 11x14Tulip - Red, 5x7 or 11x14Artist original giclée prints available in standard sizes. Custom crops and aspect ratios are available upon request.

5x7 - $15
8x10 - $20
11x14 - $40
16x20 - $99

* Framing and matting not included.

* Shipping to USA only. All artwork is placed in an acid-free archival sleeve and carefully prepared for shipment to ensure safe arrival of your new artwork.

Your new artwork is trimmed to size and arrives ready to frame immediately. We standardized our artwork dimensions to common “off the shelf” frame sizes to help you get your new art installed in the fastest and least expensive way.
I have been working on a brand new home decor botanical art collection and it is ready to share with you.  

I have two collections to share with you and I will describe them below.  I am just getting started, so you may want to join my free newsletter so you don't miss out on all the new additions coming soon. 

I wanted to bring beautiful art for your home and office at an affordable price without sacrificing quality.  I only use the finest materials for these collections, following my same level of care and standards for my artist original platinum and silver gelatin gallery prints.  

All of the prints from both collections come in standard off the shelf sizes (5x7, 8x10, 11x14, 16x20), so they are ready to frame and display when your new artwork arrives in the mail.  

I want you to be able to not think twice about getting this beautiful and uplifting botanical art for your home or office, so I found a way to deliver this art to you at affordable prices. The pricing starts at only $29 for a 5x7 image on an 8x10 art paper that has a natural border.  The natural border that I create eliminates the need for a mat, making it ready to frame immediately and saving you more money and time.    


As you may already know, I have been passionate about flowers and nature my entire life and that love and appreciation is the focus of my creative expression.  

Flowers can instantly transform our moods in an instant and it turns out that medical researchers have proven that flowers and nature scenes have a host of positive effects on our health (lower blood pressure, improves overall feeling of wellbeing, helps us recover faster from illness, and so on.).  I think that is pretty amazing and if my positive and uplifting botanical artwork can help improve your day in any way, that makes me happy and brings joy to my heart. 

The Vintage Botanica Collection is a very special series of new artwork created from historical botanical illustrations from the 16th to 19th centuries.  Before modern photography, scientists relied on artists to create images for them. I transform the historic illustrations into new and unique pieces of contemporary art to bring your home and office something beautiful, peaceful, and fresh. These special giclée botanical art prints have a depth and vibrant color that will put a smile on your face every time you view them.  

The Classic Black & White Collection is created using traditional large format view cameras and large sheets of black and white film. By using large format view cameras, I can create unique artwork that is not possible with modern digital gear. Black and white film creates a feeling and mood that has an x-factor about it that is difficult to describe with words because the experience is emotional versus literal.  Collectors describe Tim's classic black and white botanical collection as elegant, classic, ethereal, and original.  


Paper choice is critical for both archival and presentation purposes and for that reason I use fine art Hahnemühle paper that is acid-free, calcium carbonate buffered, and it has a smooth surface texture. Hahnemühle has been producing and selling artist’s paper since 1584. Over 425 years of experience has shown that Hahnemühle's acid-free fine art papers last for many generations, making your choice of Tim's art a good investment.

I use professional fine art giclée printers with archival quality pigment based inks in conjunction with the Hahnemühle paper to create a high-quality piece of original art that can last hundreds of years.  

Your new artwork is trimmed to size and arrives ready to frame immediately. We standardized our artwork dimensions to common “off the shelf” frame sizes to help you get your new art installed in the fastest and least expensive way.  

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