The Value of Continuing to Create - A Photographers Perspective

July 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I was talking to a young and energetic photographer recently and he asked me if I had one piece of advice for new photographers, what would it be?

After thinking about it for a few moments, I offered the advice that I believe one of the best things a photographer can do is just keep creating.  

I recently wrote an article, The Single Best Question a Photographer Can Ask.  I feel like this new article is connected to that article and both should probably be read in order to fully understand my thoughts. 

The value of continuing to create, even in those times when you might not feel it, has value.  I learned a long time ago that you have to step up to the plate if you even have a chance at hitting the ball (baseball analogy).  

I think it works that way for just about every type of creative person, whether you are a photographer, singer, artist, or whatever.  The more you create, your craft can only improve and eventually, you find those periods of time when things just flow.  I love working during those times when it seems like everything I do just works.  

As a photographer, we have more creative choices today than any time before in history. I think that can be paralyzing at times, because I know I have felt that way.  I always go back to my love of nature and just share the things that make me happy.  You can never go wrong with sharing your inner most feelings.  I hope that people can see and feel my sense of awe and appreciation of nature in my photography.

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