Laying Out Mounting & Mat Options For My New Platinum Histograph Heirloom Panoramic Prints

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I get a lot of questions about the presentation of prints, so I thought I would share some background information about a project that I am working on for next year. 

I typically work a year or more in advance on a new project, while I am still in the process of working on my current project.  I don't like to rush things, especially in the area of presentation.  

I will be using my 8x10 and 11x14 view cameras with my 4x10 and 5x14 panoramic backs to create some new large format panoramic platinum prints.  I am in the process of acquiring a 7x17 large format panoramic camera.  The waiting time is several months, so I have to plan well in advance.  

You can view and purchase my Platinum Histograph Heirloom Fine ArtTM gallery prints in my online gallery.  You can visit my Platinum Printmaking page to learn more about how I create my Platinum Histograph Heirloom Fine Art Prints. 

In the photo above, you will see two formats that I laid out for my 4x10 and 5x14 platinum prints.  I work from the film size out when I design the size of my mount board. Using the 4x10 as the example, I first add one-half inch on all sides because I like a border around my platinum prints so that I can sign and edition them. I also like the float mount type of look.  Collectors want the original prints signed, not just the mat.  After the half-inch is added, I add another 2 1/2 inches for my border around the entire print, for a total of 3 inches on all sides of the original film size.  

My 4x10 panoramic platinum prints are mounted on a 10" x 16" acid-free museum quality board and then my platinum print is corner mounted in the center of the mat board using acid-free corner holders to keep the print in place. Next, I cut my window mat with the 2 1/2 inch borders on all sides and using an acid-free tape, I hinge-mount the over mat and mounting mat board to work as a clamshell unit.  It sounds more difficult and takes more time to type all this out than it does to just do it in real life.  

In summary, I just take the dimensions of my film size and add 3 inches on all sides to determine my mounting board size.  I cut my platinum paper one inch larger on all sides than my film size to give me the half-inch area between the print and the window mat.  So, for my 4x10 prints, I cut 6x12 paper.  For my standard prints, I like using Hahnemühle Platinum Rag paper because it looks natural and it is a beautiful paper.   

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