The Darkroom Underground Group Exceeded 4,000 Members!

April 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

In less than a month, the Darkroom Underground Facebook Group has exceeded 4,000 members and still growing on a daily basis!

It makes me very happy that so many photographers from around the world continue to use film, work in the darkroom, and make real prints.  I think this is especially important in contemporary times since the vast majority of images are created with mobile phones and are never printed.  

A lot of people I talk to think the darkroom is limited to black and white photography.  There are a lot of options for color photography in the analog realm.  For example, you can expose E-6 slide film and either just enjoy the films by holding them up to natural light, place them on a light source, or project them onto a viewing screen.  My personal favorite is to look at a sheet of large format slide film on a light table and enjoy them.  You can also expose C-41 color negative film and use the RA-4 wet color printing process to make beautiful color prints.  The process is very easy if you have a Jobo processor and the prints can be just spectacular.  All you need is a color head for your enlarger along with a way to process the prints in the dark (Jobo processor) and you are making color prints. My favorite color negative film is Kodak Portra 400 in all formats.  I use it in medium format 120 roll film and large format sheet film.  

If you haven't joined us in the Darkroom Underground Public Facebook Group, then head over now and join in on the conversation.   


-Tim Layton 

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