Darkroom Underground Gained 1,500 New Members in The First Week!

April 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I am excited to report that the Darkroom Underground Public Facebook Group gained over 1,500 new members in our first week!  I think this trend is another indicator that film and the darkroom are gaining momentum in our digital world. Has digital photography peaked for the masses? 

Earlier this year Kodak announced they were bringing back Ektachrome and last month, Al Roker from the NBC Today Show featured analog photography in a segment.  

I have sold more darkroom and large format workshops in the last 6 months than I forecasted in my business plan.  I have worked super hard to produce high-quality video-based workshops on a wide range of darkroom and large format topics.  Based on quality feedback from photographers from around the world, I continue to build and deliver world-class darkroom training for photographers of all skill levels.  The best part is there is no travel required and the cost is nominal compared to in-person workshops.  All of this adds up to momentum in my mind and as a long-time advocate for darkroom photographic art, all of this makes me very happy.  

Last month I launched the Darkroom Underground Magazine and the response was more than I could have ever imagined.  We have some incredible articles, both technical and creative, planned for our initial publication on July 1st along with some beautiful and compelling photographs.  Our advisory team is some of the most notable and talented darkroom photographer's working today and it is my pleasure to be the editor and work with such incredibly talented people.  Check out our advisory team and join in on the fun along with photographers and collectors from around the world by subscribing today.  

-Tim Layton

The Darkroom Underground is your analog photography magazine produced on a quarterly basis serving photographers, artists, collectors, and readers around the world.  The Darkroom Underground publishes a balance of technical and creative articles in every issue along with featured photographers and their portfolios. We are pleased to offer editorial from internationally recognized photographers and writers and also publish articles and portfolios from our readers. 

If you like this type of article then you will probably enjoy my free darkroom newsletter and my darkroom and large format video-based workshops

Tim Layton
B&W Fine Art Analog Photography
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