Book & Fine Art Print Review: Iceland, An Uneasy Calm by Tim Rudman

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Iceland, An Uneasy Calm by Tim Rudman is something very special. I purchased of of the 75 signed and numbered deluxe collector's edtion, which included a copy of the book in a collectors clamshell box and a limited edition silver gelatin print. I choose, White Church With Fence, as my print.  

I am delighted to share my thoughts about Tim's book and fine art print.  I have been following and reading Tim's books on photography for decades.  He has inspired me to try new things in my work and he has provided an incredible amount of knowledge that has helped me explore and create artwork that I otherwise may have never tried.  

I am happy to report that Tim will be sharing some of his prints in the July edition of Darkroom Underground along with a full Q&A section about this project.  

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When the box arrived, I knew the book and fine art print was going to be something very special.  Based on decades of work and writings by Tim, the bar was very high in my mind.  I cleared the kitchen table and slowly opened the package, placing the black clamshell box in a position where the front cover was opened and the fine art print was on the left.  I looked away and closed my eyes because I wanted to slowly open them and get my initial impressions of the print.  Without fully realizing I was talking out loud, I actually said "WOW".  I didn't realize I was saying this out loud because that is what I was thinking in my mind.  I continued to repeat myself a few more times.  It has been said before, but to truly experience fine art like Tim's prints, you must see them in person to fully appreciate the beauty and emotional impact.  In an over busy technology-driven world, it is a joyful opportunity to sit down in a quiet and peaceful place to view a fine art print that was handmade by an artist with film, light, darkroom chemicals, and paper.  No computer was used or required to create this elegant and impactful piece of art.   

The book is masterfully done as well.  The layout is impactful as well as logical and the reproduction of the prints are a faithful rendering of the original prints.  The book is substantial in terms of weight and volume.  I was amazed at the number of fine art images that were included in the book.  I had high expectations based on Tim's past performance, but he exceeded every expectation I had.  I will continue to return to Tim's book and fine art print on a regular basis for inspiration in my own work and to simply enjoy and appreciate art. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to experience the landscape of Iceland through Tim Rudman's eyes.   

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In this 10 minute video, Tim walks viewers through his darkroom printing process for the project.  The video is like a masters class on darkroom printing.  Tim does an incredible job at describing the art and craft that goes into making handmade silver gelatin darkroom prints. His attention to detail is second to none and the delivery of the information is calming and uplifting. 


"Iceland, 'The Land of Fire and Ice’, has a strong and omnipresent ‘Middle Earth’ feel to it. Evidence of its volcanic origin is everywhere. Geysers spurt, mud pools boil and steam billows from the ground. The central highlands are unpopulated and barren. Glistening glacial caps crown the mountains and extend long white fingers down to light-sucking lava deserts, whilst bible-black beaches lie fringed with white surf. Thundering waterfalls abound, whilst craggy caves and peaks, often shrouded in mist and low cloud, provide a home to some of Iceland’s trolls and ‘hidden people'. In summer the days extend through the nights. In winter the nights eat up the days. Changes in the weather are frequent and storms can be spectacular. Brooding skies accentuate the already dramatic and sometimes eerie landscape where trolls lurk at night and get turned to stone by daylight. It is a land of myth and magic, of fearsome subterranean power and spectacular scenery."


Tim Rudman is a fine art photographer and darkroom printer working  exclusively with film and wet processing. His name is inextricably linked with the monochrome darkroom and in particular with the processes of toning and lith printing, in which he is regarded as the leading authority. His books on these subjects are treasured around the world and are held largely responsible for the current popularity of these processes.  His involvement with Photography began in the 1960’s whilst studying medicine in London. He taught himself to print in the darkroom and with his distinctive style he quickly gained some early recognition and publication. His work has been exhibited in over 50 countries, gaining many awards.  Tim is a member of The London Salon of Photography, a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts and a Fellow of The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain. He was a recipient of the Society’s Fenton Medal in 2013.

He has taught at many centers, including The Ansel Adams Center in California; Glendale & Santa Monica Colleges, California; The Creative Center of Photography, Hollywood; The Photographic Center North West, Seattle; The Photographers Formulary workshop center, Montana; University of W. Sydney and University of NSW, Australia; University of Tasmania, Thames Valley University, London and many other centers in Canada, Spain, Ireland and the UK. His work is represented in a number of permanent and private collections around the world.  For many years he pursued his two loves of medicine and photography, but now devotes his time to photography. He lives in the southeast of England near London.

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