7 Tips For Aspiring Artists

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“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”-Pablo Picasso

I love this quote from Pablo Picasso because it gets at a core issue that I think many creative people overlook.  The world bombards us with messages that are counterproductive for artists.  

Life routinely beats the dream of being an artist out of many people.  Some of us lose determination over time while others may focus more on other aspects in life and lose interest.  Some of us listen to bad advice, like how impractical certain desires are, and we allow the naysayers to crush our dreams.  It doesn't have to be this way.  

I think is very common for aspiring artists to make a series of bad decisions that limits their ability and freedom to create.  Like anything, you have to be involved and active in order to make progress.  If you are sitting on the sidelines, you can't expect the right kinds of things to happen.  If being an artist was easy, no one would invest the best years of their life doing a job they are not passionate about.  

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The average person is bombarded with messages of consumption from the moment they wake up until they go to bed.  The world wants you to be on a neverending treadmill of debt.  You have to work through these issues and remain focused and dedicated to your mission.  More gear or stuff won't make you a better artist.  Photographers in particular are vulnerable to the idea that better or newer equipment will make a difference in their success.  Success has many different faces, you have to decide your own definition.  I decided a long time ago that success for me was personal freedom to create and share my work with people that appreciate it.  I didn't mention money anywhere in my definition.  While a certain amount of income is necessary for personal survival, money won't singularly define you as being a successful artist.  I suggest focusing on experiences and relationships over money.  

Peer pressure to buy things you don't need and consume meaningless items is a dream killer for many.  Determination alone is not enough.  Artist's need clear goals and plans, just like any other profession.  There are indicators that can provide clues that you are on the right track, but you have to be willing to be transparent and build a supportive network.  Very few people, if any, every become successful alone.  Make friends, connect with people that are plugged into your dream, and do your part by mastering the small things on a daily basis.  Consistency beats a big splash every time.    

7 Tips For Aspiring Artists

1 - Be yourself, don’t chase popular 

2 - Don’t compete or compare yourself to others 

3 - Socialize with other artists and encourage them 

4 - Don’t be a douchebag, be humble 

5 - Never give up, don’t put your art on hold 

6 - Resist spending money on non-essentials 

7 - Art requires a marketing strategy and a business plan 

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