Do You Have an Interest In a Magazine Dedicated to Darkroom Photography?

March 09, 2017  •  36 Comments

You may or may not be aware that the View Camera Magazine is no longer being published.  This iconic magazine started publication in 1988 and had a respectable run of 29 years!  

I was sad to learn the magazine was no longer being published. Steve did a fantastic job for nearly three decades and this publication will be missed.  

I am sharing this message on my blog to determine if you have any interest in supporting a new magazine focused on both technical and creative content for darkroom photographers?  

I would be willing to make the investment to create and produce a new print magazine if there was enough interest from the darkroom community.  I would need your help creating meaningful articles in addition to featuring your best darkroom photography artwork.  

In a modern all-things-digital world, I hold out hope that there are enough of us that still appreciate a publication with thoughtful articles and presentation of analog fine art photographs.  My vision would be to provide high quality technical and creative articles as well as spotlight feature photographers and their latest photography.  


After receiving hundreds of responses from photographers around the world, it is clear that the community wants to support a new analog darkroom publication.  

Based on input from the global community of darkroom photographers, I have decided to do the following:

1 - Launch The Darkroom Underground Magazine for analog photographers.  The first release will be on July 1st, 2017 and publications continue after that on a quarterly basis.  You can subscribe today and start receiving your magazine for $59/yr.  

2 - Based on consistent advice from the community, I elected to launch the publication in digital format (PDF) for the rest of 2017 and investigate if it is financially feasible to offer an add-on print option in 2018.  I would like to be able to be able to offer a print version, but we will know more after adequate research has been performed and we fully understand the costs and how that would relate to the ad-free subscription model that we employ for the publication. 

-Tim Layton

The Darkroom Underground is your analog photography magazine produced on a quarterly basis serving photographers, artists, collectors, and readers around the world.  The Darkroom Underground publishes a balance of technical and creative articles in every issue along with featured photographers and their portfolios. We are pleased to offer editorial from internationally recognized photographers and writers and also publish articles and portfolios from our readers. 

If you like this type of article then you will probably enjoy my free darkroom newsletter and my darkroom and large format video-based workshops

Tim Layton
B&W Fine Art Analog Photography
Darkroom Underground Magazine:
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36.Terry Lee(non-registered)
I would subscribe and write a few articles!
Do it!!! Thatd be great! Keep analog alive!
34.David Kachel(non-registered)
There are print-on-demand magazine production houses that do a better than decent job. You might want to look into that possibility before you risk everything on a traditional print magazine. Popular Photography just folded, too. (Hardly View Camera, but big, anyway.)
33.charles howse(non-registered)
Make it happen!
I suspect that I am not alone as I transition from digital to analog - the time is right!
32.Tim Layton Fine Art
Based on the encouragement of hundreds of analog photographers from around the world, I have decided to release a new magazine, The Darkroom Underground. More info here and the option to subscribe at


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