New Wildlife Fine Art Platinum Histograph Limited Edition Miniature Collectibles in 2018

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Tim Sr with the Nikon 600mm PrimeTim Sr with the Nikon 600mm PrimeGet my free Darkroom & Fine Art Newsletter and never miss another article again. I have been working hard over the last few years creating some amazing wildlife photos.  You most likely know me from my analog large format platinum printmaking, however, I have been an avid wildlife photographer for many years too. Until now, I haven't created any artwork of wildlife available for sale.   

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I am deeply passionate about protecting nature and wildlife.  You can read more about the importance of wildlife in my "Why Nature Matters" article.

I am going to be offering limited edition wildlife Platinum Histograph Heirloom MiniaturesTM in 2018.  These are fine art collectibles in ACEO format making them easy and fun to collect like other cards that you may be already familiar with.  The miniatures are still limited edition collectibles, but affordable enough for many people.  

You can learn how I create my digital negatives for my Platinum Histograph Heirloom MiniaturesTM in my new eBook "How to Create Digital Negatives for Alternative Printing".

I am in the process of curating some of my best wildlife images into collections and I will be announcing more details on this via my Wildlife Photography Newsletter in the near future.  I am currently reviewing several candidates in the following categories: bears, elk, birds, and butterflies.

Platinum Histograph Heirloom Miniature is the most archival of all art mediums because of the inherent stability of platinum and they exhibit a tonal scale and rendering of tonal values that are described by many as ethereal and three-dimensional.  

I am excited to be making handcrafted collectibles in limited editions for nature and wildlife enthusiasts.  I wanted to open up the world of fine art collectibles to the general public by making them affordable, but also rare and collectible too.  You don't need any previous experience buying artwork to get started and with a limited edition of only 250, you get the exclusivity that is often very important for long-term value.  The Platinum Histograph Heirloom Miniatures are created in the same way, using the same care and diligence, that I employ in my larger Platinum Histograph Heirloom Fine Art Gallery PrintsTM.

I am passionate about bringing a new and innovate style of collectible art to nature and wildlife lovers around the world.  Your Platinum Histograph Heirloom MiniaturesTM can last for thousands of years, making them something valuable that you can pass down to your family generation after generation.  

You can read more about the gear that I use for my wildlife photography.  

I would love to hear what you think about all of this.  Send me an email to share your thoughts and say hello.  

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-Tim Layton 

Tim Layton
Darkroom & Large Format Photography
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Get my Free Darkroom Newsletter and/or my Wildlife Photography Newsletter and never miss an update again.


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