New Updates to My Sprinter Van Tiny House on Wheels

September 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The electric is fully installed in the new console now.The electric is fully installed in the new console now.Check out my DIY Solar Energy eBook. This weekend, I have been working on the next round of updates to my Sprinter van (tiny house on wheels).  After 18 months of being on the road and experiencing a lot of different scenarios, I am excited to be implementing my thoughts and ideas.  

As you can see to the photo at the top of this article, I finished my custom console by installing all of the electrical connections.  I can now set my phone and GPS units in their holders, charge them, and have a cool drink from my Yeti water bottle.  Life is good... 

Last week, we got the basic infrastructure done (building the walls, insulation, ceiling, etc).  So, this weekend, I am able to start building the "fun stuff" where things are starting to come together.  I finished the bulkhead wall (between the front cabin and living area) and installed a sliding window.  This will really help with heating and cooling in the cabin while driving and also provide a much more finished living space in the rear of the van with the addition of the wall.  This wall has an A/C outlet and storage cabinets.  

On the wall by the window, I am putting a desk in place (18" deep), and my refrigerator will be placed near the bulkhead wall.  I am putting up storage cabinets along this entire wall and a custom base cabinet to the left of the desk.  The desk/storage unit connects to my custom chair that I built last week.  

I will be heading out for the Smoky Mountains soon to enjoy all of these new updates and explore what I want to adjust or build next.  

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