Building The Office In My Sprinter Van Tiny House on Wheels

September 04, 2016  •  2 Comments

My new desk is built and installedMy new desk is built and installedCheck out my DIY Solar Energy eBook. I am excited to finally get the first phase of my office/working area built in the Sprinter van.  

I do a lot of writing/blogging while I am on the road, so I am looking forward to getting my "official" area set up and functional.  

In the first phase, I am building the work surface area and one storage cabinet.  I played around with various depths, and with space being a premium, I decided to go with 18 inches for the depth of my desk.  This was the happy medium for me.  

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Under my desk to the right is my small refrigerator.  I allowed myself a minimum of 24 inches of leg and knee space between the fridge and the water bottle storage cabinet to the left.  This was a comfortable working area for me.  The work surface is very usable for desk area for me and other things that come up.  I wanted a storage area that I could store large items in and easily to get to them.  The cabinet to the left of the water bottle storage container will serve that purpose.  Things like backpacks, boots, and so on are good candidates for this, and it also cuts down on the clutter which can get maddening in small spaces.  

I will be adding an A/C outlet in the right corner area of the desk along with a USB charging socket for my phone and GPS unit.  Small conveniences like this make a huge difference when you are on the road living in a very small space.  

In the second phase, I will be staining the wood and getting it ready for use.  I will write again when I make more improvements. 

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Scroll down to the bottom of this article and click on the "Add comment" button and say "Hi".  Let me know what if you have any questions or if you are building your tiny house on wheels too.  

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Pete Rearden(non-registered)
I envy your van.
AnnaMarie Smith(non-registered)
Very cool Tim. I know how small spaces can cramp your style, no pun intended. My 8x30 trailer had a way of closing helps to have a plan for storing things ...
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