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If you are an old timer or just getting started with developing film in the darkroom, sooner rather than later you will run into a situation when your established development time and temperature needs to be modified because of new conditions that are not under your control.  

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For example, let's say that you are developing some black and white film at 20C/68F and you normally do this for 10 minutes.  

But what happens when you are in a situation when your temperature is not 20C/68F?  We know that warmer developer activates the film emulsion faster and if you don't know the proper time to develop your film, your results most likely won't be what you expect.  

Don't worry about this, I have created a reference chart for you that takes all of the uncertainty out of this scenario.  

Check out my video workshops that I have for darkroom photographers to help with concepts like this and much more.  

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-Tim Layton

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