7 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint While Traveling

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Bring your bicycle - reduce your carbon footprint and get some exercise by riding your bike or walking to places while on vacation.  These alternatives will not only make you feel better, and they are also cheaper! 

Reusable water bottles - a plastic water bottle often travels thousands of miles before you buy it, so so carry a reusable water bottle and source local water when you are on the go.  

Non-stop flights - a significant percentage of a plane’s carbon emissions come from takeoff and landing. 

Buy Local - when you travel, buy local products whenever possible instead of buying products that have been flown or shipped in.  

Recycle - plan ahead and don’t throw away trash that should be recycled.  I bring along eco-friendly biodegradable bags for my items and if I can’t find a place to properly unload it, I bring it home for proper disposal.  

Stay on the trail - Don’t veer off marked trails when hiking, and always maintain a safe distance from any animals that you encounter.  Only deposit your trash in marked receptacle or take it with you when you leave.  Only light campfires in areas where permitted and make sure they are completely distinguished before you leave. 

Rent green - if you are staying at a hotel, make sure it is a LEED certified hotel.

If you like the idea of adopting simple things to lessen the impact on our environment, scroll down and select the "add comment" button and say "nature matters" and as an added bonus, tell me which tip you liked the best.  

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-Tim Layton

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