New Private Group for B&W Fine Art Darkroom Photographers and Art Collectors

June 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The original plates are all sold out.

If you would like a reproduction print, please email or call +1.314.972.4900 to discuss your requirements and pricing.

All reproduction prints are scans of the original plates and printed with archival quality pigment inks and papers on a large format printer. The same care and attention to detail is applied to these prints.

Reproduction prints are a great way to own a beautiful gallery quality piece of art at an affordable price. Because Tim works in large format, very large mural prints are possible.
I created a new private group for black and white fine art darkroom photographers and art collectors.  

In an increasingly digital world, the art and craft of black and white fine art darkroom printmaking is increasingly becoming more rare.  I wanted to create a place that I wanted to hang out with my peers, connect with art buyers and collectors, and share my passion for the arts with others.  Everyone is welcome to join the group and be part of the conversation.  

Eventually, most artists realize that it isn't their technical skills that are holding them back from achieving their goals.  If financial wellbeing is the goal, then marketing and networking is more important than anything else, assuming you are able to create high-quality artwork.  I have seen a lot of very average artwork sell for good money because it was marketed well.  

​Join me in this group and let's work together as a community to keep the art and craft of traditional black and white darkroom photography and printmaking alive and growing.  

Tim Layton

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