3 Quick Tips When Buying Your First Piece of Art

June 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

All limited edition darkroom black and white gelatin silver gallery prints are sold out.

If you would like a reproduction print, please email info@timlaytonfineart.com or call +1.314.972.4900 to discuss your requirements and pricing.

All reproduction prints are scans of the original negatives and printed with archival quality pigment inks and papers on a large format printer. The same care and attention to detail is applied to these prints.

Reproduction prints are a great way to own a beautiful gallery quality piece of art at an affordable price. Because Tim works in large format, very large mural prints are possible.

When I thought about writing this article, my mind was racing with a lot of different ideas.  I want to keep this article brief, but impactful for the new art buyer so I will list the top three pieces of advice that I would likely share with someone asking me about buying their first piece of art.  

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1 - Buy a piece of art because you love it.  Often it fits with your home decor, or it is something more personal and represents something emotional.  Find a place in your home or office to display your art and set aside time to relax and appreciate it.  I create art to enrich the lives of people, and it brings me tremendous joy when I get phone calls or emails from people that tell me my artwork brings them peace or happiness on a regular basis.  

2 - Art doesn't have to be expensive to be valued and appreciated.  Buy art because you appreciate the artist, and you are interested in their work and the reasons why they create the type of art that they do.  Supporting an artist is a kind and noble act.  Art is one of the fundamental differences between humanity and other species.  

3 -  Understand the differences between original art, limited editions, and reproductions.  You may want to read my article that I created to help first-time art buyers.  

Most importantly, have fun, enjoy your new art and send me an email and tell me about your experience as a first-time art buyer.  


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-Tim Layton

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