Ilford Annual ULTRA LARGE FORMAT (ULF) Sheet Film Campaign 2016

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I thought it would be a good time to remind my readers about the annual Ilford ultra large format sheet film campaign for 2016.  The order window is open until May 27th.  You can order a wide variety of sizes ranging from the obscure to seriously huge sheet film.  The films will be made to order after May 27th and they will ship our orders in October.  There are no minimum order requirements which really helps photographers.  Kodak, or whoever is making Kodak film these days, you should pay attention to Ilford.  It would be nice to order some 11x14 T-Max and not be forced to come up with $15,000 for a minimum order!  This might explain some of the business troubles.    

You can read more about the program directly on the Ilford website.  You will need to order from an authorized dealer

I ordered all FP4+ emulsion this year.  FP4 is readily available all year round in 4x5 and 8x10, but not in 11x14.  The only emulsion available in 11x14 is HP5.  While I do like HP5, FP4 is a great film for high contrast work like platinum printing and developed in Pyro HD.  

I ordered some FP4 4x10 and 11x14.  I normally cut my 8x10 sheet film down to 4x10, but this just makes it so much easier and I get the proper sized box for holding my exposed films in the field too.  I have a 4x10 reducing back and film holders for my 8x10 Chamonix view camera because I love making 4x10 contact prints of landscapes.  I love the intimacy of this format and aspect ratio.  I like to mount these prints on 14x17 or 16x20 to help draw the view in.

I also ordered some FP4 in 11x14 because it is not normally available like 8x10.  I wish it was, but HP5 is always available in 11x14, which I frequently use.  The reason I ordered FP4 in 11x14 is because I use FP4 to create high contrast negatives for my platinum prints.  I have found ways to make HP5 work, but I prefer FP4 for high contrast negatives and printing methods.  

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