Black and White Darkroom Resource Glossary

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I found a very good thread over on APUG that I thought could be useful for darkroom photographers.  I have consolidated the information into a single article and over time, I will do a quality check on the information.  If you have any edits or suggestions, please submit your comments below. 

Keep in mind this information is pieced together from several contributors and it probably needs to be reviewed and verified to ensure the accuracy and quality of the information.  For now, I wanted to pass along the information to other darkroom photographers and with your help, we can fine tune and trim the information. 

Processing film - basics

Processing - any level

Pathways to Black and White

Black-and-White Tips and Techniques for Darkroom Enthusiasts

Processing Kodak films

Darkroom design

Darkroom design for beginners

Safelights and testing

How safe is your safelight?

Printing - basics/beginner

Making Your First Black and White Print

Printing - any level

Contrast Control

Black-and-White Tips and Techniques for Darkroom Enthusiasts

Storage and care of materials before/after processing

Characteristics of films

X-ray fog

Other and/or more advanced topics

ISO and Exposure Index

Basic Sensitometry Workbook

Specific Gravity and pH of Kodak Chemistry


Basic Sensitometry and Characteristics of Film

Archive of Older Kodak Documents

I use this link:


Fuji tech data
For all films. Includes additional info. such as simplified definitions/explanations of MTF, RMS Granularity, Resolving Power.

Fomapan films data sheets are here: 

Retropan 320 Soft

Fomapan R-100
Processing set for the above:

Photographic Emulsion

Foma Chemicals are here:

Foma Film developers data sheet:
Paper developers:
Fomatoner Indigo:
Fomatoner Sepia:

Foma Papers can be accessed here:

Fomabrom Variant III:
Fomalux 111:
Fomaspeed Variant III:
Fomatone MG:

Product Catalogue:
To note that the Product Catalogue has practical data, tips and extra data not present in the main data sheets such as capacity and storage life of chemicals. 

PDF for some foreign films developing times in Foma developers:

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