Video: Tips on Metering Landscapes for B&W, E-6, and C-41 Films

March 15, 2016  •  2 Comments

In this video, I share the techniques that I use to meter landscape scenes for black and white, E-6, and C-41 films.  Be sure to comment and share your thoughts below. 

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Tim Layton Fine Art
Hi Jon Paul, always good to hear from you. Thanks for the suggestion. I have actually done that from time to time when E-6 isn't the only medium I want to use. I consider my 8x10 E-6 slides as my retirement plan. If I am fortunate enough to get really old, I want to be able to sit in my recliner next to a window and hold my big ass 8x10 slides up to the window light and think about the good days when I was younger and was out exploring. No computer required... :)
Jon Paul(non-registered)
thanks for sharing your metering tips Tim. You mentioned that, with E-6, if the exposure range falls outside of the films capability you simply change your composition. Do you ever consider carrying a holder with color print film as well, so you can hold the latitude in the composition that you were drawn to first?
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