Cleaning Up the Darkroom & Paper Negatives

December 07, 2016  •  2 Comments

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I am cleaning up and organizing the darkroom for all of the workshops that I am producing right now.  You can view the complete list of darkroom video workshops on my main workshops page.

I needed to clean up after a big run on making Platinum prints and some contact silver gelatin prints anyway.  It just feels better when the darkroom is clean and organized.  

You may notice the glass and the ceramic on the center island work surface.  I just finished getting that surface perfectly level in all directions for my next round of silver gelatin emulsion work.  

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I have been testing various formulas and papers to create my own paper negatives versus using commercial papers, but still more testing is in front of me.  I wanted to say thanks to Denise over at The Light Farm for consulting and sharing her knowledge with me.  Denise is always helpful and shares her knowledge with others.  She is a mad scientist, artist, and all around good person. If you are into making your own emulsions for film, dry plates, paper, etc. then I highly recommend Denise's book.    

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Tim Layton Fine Art
Hi Mark, always good to hear from you. Happy holidays to you and your family.

Fr. Mark Lichtenstein(non-registered)
+1 about Denise Ross. I look forward to the day I can make and use my own picture taking and printing emulsions.
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