Video Workshop - B&W Floral Still Life Fine Art Photography With Large Format

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Vintage Lilies - 8x10 Paper NegativeVintage Lilies - 8x10 Paper Negative B&W FLORAL STILL LIFE FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY WITH LARGE FORMAT 

I take photographers behind the scenes and walk them through my step-by-step process of how I create beautiful floral still life prints in the darkroom with a 4x5 large format view camera.

You get a 68-page course training guide in addition to 17 HD video lessons.  You can get immediate access to the video workshop right now and start the workshop at your convenience.  You can either stream the video lessons online, or you can download them for offline use. I have included several bonus items that you can download and start using immediately.  

I assume photographers already have a working knowledge of how to expose, develop, and make basic darkroom prints.  If not, don't worry, take my Intro to B&W Darkroom Photography video workshop so that you are fully up to speed before jumping into this workshop.  

I discuss a variety of view camera movements common to floral still life photography.  By having control over your focal plane and the ability to apply select focus, it gives you the creative license to express your vision unlike any other type of photography formats.   

I share several tips and solutions for a wide variety of backgrounds to help elevate your main subject and minimize distractions.  

I discuss and demonstrate large format specifics that must be understood to create high-quality floral still life images.


Movie # 1 - Welcome & Introduction (review of tools and materials for the workshop, advantage of LF)

Movie # 2 - Why Large Format for Floral Still Life?

Movie # 3 - Develop a Creative Plan 

Movie # 4 - Pre-Exposure Tips 

Movie # 5 - Discussion on Composition 

Movie # 6 - Learning to See 

Movie # 7 - Selective Focus With Large Format 

Movie # 8 - Indoor/Outdoor Flower Photo Studio Overview

Movie # 9 - Share a Variety of Backgrounds and Tips on How to Use Them

Movie # 10 - Tools of the Floral Still Life Photographer 

Movie # 11 - Technical Discussion on How To Calculate Magnification Ratios For Any Lens

Movie # 12 - How to Calculate Bellows Factor & Exposure Compensation for Large Format 

Movie # 13 - Exposure and Development Tips for HP5+

Movie # 14 - Demonstration - Exposing HP5+ Film 

Movie # 15 - Demonstration: How to Make Split Grade Prints in the Darkroom (contact and enlargement)

Movie # 16 - Summary and Discussion of Ideas for Further Exploration

Movie # 17 - Bonus Documents Video Overview

Note: In this workshop, I will be using Ilford HP5+ black and white negative sheet film, Kodak D-76 film developer, Kodak Dektol paper developer. 


  • A desire to create beautiful black and white floral still life fine art photographs
  • Any type of large format 4x5 view camera
  • Any type of standard lens for your camera in the 120mm to 180mm range 
  • Ability and knowledge to develop your films, make a contact print, and enlargement in the darkroom


"The large format photographic community is very friendly and supportive. There is a lot of camaraderie as we share a passion for a true craft. Each of us has his/her talents and abilities that we are able to share, making everyone better and growing the longevity of film photography for everyone involved. Tim and I have shared a mutual respect and have commiserated about life as full-time film photographers for several years now. I have to say that Tim’s commitment to film photography is impressive. It is his passion and lifestyle, not merely a job or hobby. I am most impressed with the breadth of Tim’s knowledge and his ability (and willingness) to share what he knows. As I am a right brained artist, Tim’s teachings are enabling me to move into creative directions that I was previously unable to make happen. As Tim has done with so many other photographers, he is sharing his wealth of knowledge to enable other photographers, of all ability levels, to make their art happen. As a professional photographer, I continually look forward to seeing each new video workshop Tim introduces. He is an invaluable part of the film photography community."

Jon Paul, Owner / Photographer - Jon Paul Gallery - Lake Tahoe Photo Workshops 

"I just wanted to let you know I thought your course on B&W Floral Still Life was outstanding.  I really got a lot out of it and I appreciate all the hard work you put into it.  I'm enclosing two of the shots I took while using what you taught.  

I shot the lilly with a 90mm lens and the daisies with a 210mm lens on Illford HP5+.  I don't have a darkroom so I developed the film in Caffenol then scanned it to my computer on an Epson 11000 flatbed scanner and post processed in LR CC.

Thanks again for a very informative course.
-Steve Schanzer

The above two photos, copyright Steve Schanzer

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